Proper’s Famous Pickle Slices 16 oz.


Pickle Slices!

Our classic dill pickle sliced up into perfect rounds of delightfulness.  We always use persian cucumbers to give the freshest taste and biggest crunch.  Combined with our secret brine and fresh dill and garlic in every jar these are our most popular item.  Perfect additions to any sandwich or burger!

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These are the classics, the go-to, the original. Slices, chips, coins, whatever you want to call them, you are going to go nuts for these. P.S. No nuts added. And since we are talking about what is NOT in our jars; we never put any added preservatives, artificial flavors, or food coloring. Because if we did then it wouldn’t be Proper!

Our Persian Cucumbers are sliced into perfect bite-sized morsels that deliver that distinct and delicious Proper taste.  Don’t forget that you also get to eat everything else in the bottle too. Like the few carrot slices that deliver a hint of sweetness to every jar. Or like the treat at the bottom of cereal box go straight for the cauliflower that has a crunch and unique flavor that Proper’s offers (don’t fight over it though because we do offer that cauliflower in its own jar).

And when you finish all those don’t forget to add that dill and garlic to your favorite dish to add some extra flavor. You can even use the brine for a nice chicken marinade or some salad dressing.

We even hear that they make a good chaser for a shot a whiskey!

Of course, that is just what we have heard. Just don’t eat the bottle itself, probably not going to digest very well. If you feel like sharing with others, we have these in double the size.

So, what’s our favorite way to eat these Proper’s Pickle slices? You can add them to burgers, your favorite sandwich or just snack on them without guilt. There are very few calories in our pickles.  However, if you feel like adding some extra calories you can always batter them up and deep fry and dip them in some sort of creamy delicious dipping sauce. And invite us over when you do because that sounds amazing!

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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 8 in