Proper’s Famous Pickle Spears 16oz.


Pickle Spears!

Our always fresh and crisp classic pickles in spear form.  These “spears of joy” as we like to call them are perfect for snacking or on the side of a sandwich and offer a delicious crunch in every bite.



It is the age-old question. Do I get spears or do I get slices? Spears or Slices? Slices or Spears?? To be honest with you, it really does not matter to us. Because you are getting the same tasting delicious Proper’s Pickle either way. It just depends on how you like it cut.

We intended to spear you in the right direction with these bad boys but either way, you can’t go wrong. Some prefer the spear form as a nice snack form of our pickle. Just grab one and go. Or grab two or three. Some people like the spears as the pickle garnish on the side of a delicious sandwich or burger.

Our thin skinned Persian Cucumbers will snap with each bite. No, we don’t add sugar, so any hint of sweetness is coming from our all too crunchy carrots.

Is there dill? Yes, duh there is always fresh dill and not to forget a clove of garlic in each of our bottles.

We cram these spears in and fill them up with a wave of vinegar, water, and salt. Forget about any added preservatives. Just like all our products we leave that stuff out. And no, we do not add food coloring. That is just how vegetables actually look in real life.

So we hope this helps you make some sort of educated decision on which form of pickle to choose. After all you can tell a lot about a person based on the cut of pickle they prefer. Some say the safe choice is to go with the slices. Others say that spears are for the daring and wild type. What do we think? Well we think you should play it safe. Cover all you basis and make sure you don’t make a mistake. Get them both!!!

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 8 in