About Proper’s Pickle

A Proper Story

Proper’s Pickle was started by Pejmon and Bijan Noori in Long Beach, California.  Growing up pickle lovers and self proclaimed connoisseurs of pickles due to the influence of their father who has pickled anything and everything over the course of their lives.

The boys started making pickles for friends and family who at times were the best critics they could find.  Ultimately, the brothers came up with recipe and process that they fell head over heals for.

They then soon forgot that recipe because who writes things down these days, so what you have now is an interpretation of that original recipe.  The most important thing though for them is that whether or not you like the bold favor yet delicate finish of each pickle, is that you will without a doubt agree these are the freshest tasting pickles on the planet.

You will only find Proper’s Pickle items in the refrigerated section of your grocer store.  Vegetables in a can in a cabinet were intended for pilgrims on long voyages crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  Since refrigeration is now possible with modern technology why not keep pickles fresh.

While Proper’s Pickle uses new age refrigeration technology (new as of about 1913 according Wikipedia), we do not use new age items in our jars.  Meaning, you will not find our pickles infused with cinnamon or cedar or whatever else picklers are doing these days.  You will definitely not find food coloring and any other nonsense in a Proper’s Pickle jar.

You will find some very simple ingredients.  First, are the vegetables or peppers we are pickling.  Note: a pickle is not a type of vegetable, it is a process in which you preserve a vegetable.  Secondly, you will see our brine is made with vinegar, water, and salt.  And third, we put fresh dill and a clove of garlic in each jar.  We keep them under our watch for about a week and then we send them off for you all to enjoy.

After all, We Make a Proper Pickle.

Be sure to let us know what you think, but only if you like them of course.